City on a Hill (S2, Ep8)
Godfather of Harlem (S2, Ep5)
Dynasty (S4, Ep2)
Charmed (S3, Ep12)
Blue Bloods (S11, Ep15)
Van Helsing (S5, Ep5)
The Blacklist (S8, Ep17)
The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S1, Ep8)
Everything's Gonna Be Okay (2.7)2.7Everything's Gonna Be Okay
B Positive (1.18)1.18B Positive
The Oval (2.13)2.13The Oval
How the Universe Works (9.9)9.9How the Universe Works
Mom (8.18)8.18Mom
The Hills: New Beginnings (2.1)2.1The Hills: New Beginnings
Married at First Sight (12.17)12.17Married at First Sight
Taskmaster (11.9)11.9Taskmaster
Crank Yankers (6.2)6.2Crank Yankers
Forged in Fire (8.21)8.21Forged in Fire
Last Man Standing (9.19)9.19Last Man Standing
Manifest (3.9)3.9Manifest
The United States of Al (1.7)1.7The United States of Al
Young Sheldon (4.18)4.18Young Sheldon
Debris (1.11)1.11Debris
Return to Amish (6.8)6.8Return to Amish
Queen of the South (5.6)5.6Queen of the South
The Real Housewives of New Jersey (11.13)11.13The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Top Gear America (1.9)1.9Top Gear America
Legendary (2.4)2.4Legendary
Call Your Mother (1.12)1.12Call Your Mother
Fear the Walking Dead (6.13)6.13Fear the Walking Dead
Younger (7.8)7.8Younger
Chicago PD (8.14)8.14Chicago PD
S.W.A.T. (4.16)4.16S.W.A.T.
The Masked Singer (5.10)5.10The Masked Singer
MasterChef Australia (13.19)13.19MasterChef Australia
The Goldbergs (8.21)8.21The Goldbergs
No Activity (4.6)4.6No Activity
SEAL Team (4.14)4.14SEAL Team
Nancy Drew (2.15)2.15Nancy Drew
Chicago Fire (9.14)9.14Chicago Fire