City on a Hill (S2, Ep8)
Godfather of Harlem (S2, Ep5)
Dynasty (S4, Ep2)
Charmed (S3, Ep12)
Blue Bloods (S11, Ep15)
Van Helsing (S5, Ep5)
The Blacklist (S8, Ep17)
The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S1, Ep8)
The Blacklist (8.17)8.17The Blacklist
Queen of the South (5.6)5.6Queen of the South
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (1.3)1.3Star Wars: The Bad Batch
Legacies (3.12)3.12Legacies
The Blacklist (8.16)8.16The Blacklist
Grey's Anatomy (17.14)17.14Grey's Anatomy
The Oval (2.13)2.13The Oval
The Flash (7.9)7.9The Flash
S.W.A.T. (4.16)4.16S.W.A.T.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (22.13)22.13Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Young Sheldon (4.18)4.18Young Sheldon
Queen of the South (5.5)5.5Queen of the South
Godfather of Harlem (2.4)2.4Godfather of Harlem
Manifest (3.9)3.9Manifest
Law & Order: Organized Crime (1.5)1.5Law & Order: Organized Crime
The Oval (2.12)2.12The Oval
Fear the Walking Dead (6.13)6.13Fear the Walking Dead
Magic City (1.1)1.1Magic City
Dynasty (4.2)4.2Dynasty
Blue Bloods (11.15)11.15Blue Bloods
Clarice (1.9)1.9Clarice
Invincible (1.1)1.1Invincible
SEAL Team (4.14)4.14SEAL Team
Chicago PD (8.14)8.14Chicago PD
Charmed (3.12)3.12Charmed
Rebel (1.5)1.5Rebel
Van Helsing (5.5)5.5Van Helsing
Walker (1.11)1.11Walker
Kung Fu (1.6)1.6Kung Fu
The Handmaid's Tale (4.5)4.5The Handmaid's Tale
Queen of the South (5.1)5.1Queen of the South
Invincible (1.8)1.8Invincible