Dexter: New Blood (S1, Ep5)
Power Book II: Ghost (S2, Ep3)
Cowboy Bebop (S1, Ep1)
Nancy Drew (S3, Ep8)
Blue Bloods (S12, Ep8)
Day of the Dead (S1, Ep8)
Magnum P.I.  (S4, Ep8)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S15, Ep1)
Mayor of Kingstown (1.5)1.5Mayor of Kingstown
Yellowjackets (1.4)1.4Yellowjackets
Dexter: New Blood (1.5)1.5Dexter: New Blood
Power Book II: Ghost (2.3)2.3Power Book II: Ghost
Hightown (2.7)2.7Hightown
Casualty (36.14)36.14Casualty
Cowboy Bebop (1.1)1.1Cowboy Bebop
Married at First Sight (13.19)13.19Married at First Sight
The Bachelorette (18.7)18.7The Bachelorette
The Voice (21.22)21.22The Voice
The Tower (1.1)1.1The Tower
Nancy Drew (3.8)3.8Nancy Drew
Blue Bloods (12.8)12.8Blue Bloods
Day of the Dead (1.8)1.8Day of the Dead
The New York Times Presents (1.11)1.11The New York Times Presents
Magnum P.I.  (4.8)4.8Magnum P.I.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (15.1)15.1It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Tough As Nails (3.9)3.9Tough As Nails
Project Runway (19.7)19.7Project Runway
The Challenge: All Stars (2.1)2.1The Challenge: All Stars
S.W.A.T. (5.7)5.7S.W.A.T.
Money Heist (5.6)5.6Money Heist
Walker (2.5)2.5Walker
Santa Inc. (1.1)1.1Santa Inc.
The United States of Al (2.8)2.8The United States of Al
PEN15 (2.9)2.9PEN15
Ghosts (1.9)1.9Ghosts
Tacoma FD (3.12)3.12Tacoma FD
Bull (6.7)6.7Bull
MTV Floribama Shore (5.11)5.11MTV Floribama Shore
Tribal (2.7)2.7Tribal
 Invasion (1.9)1.9 Invasion