Dune (2021)
 After We Fell (2021)
Halloween Kills (2021)
Injustice (2021)
The Many Saints of Newark (2021)
The Addams Family 2 (2021)
Free Guy (2021)
Old (2021)
Beyond Paranormal (2021)HDR2021Beyond Paranormal
Chernobyl 1986 (2021)HDR2021Chernobyl 1986
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This Is the Year (2020)HDR2020This Is the Year
Time Is Up (2021)HDR2021Time Is Up
 My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021)HDR2021 My Little Pony: A New Generation
Birds of Paradise (2021)HDR2021Birds of Paradise
Coming Home in the Dark (2021)HDR2021Coming Home in the Dark
 The Starling (2021)HDR2021 The Starling
Free Guy (2021)HDR2021Free Guy
Intrusion (2021)HDR2021Intrusion
This Is the Night (2021)HDR2021This Is the Night
The Alpines (2021)HDR2021The Alpines
Old (2021)HDR2021Old
Most Dangerous Game (2020)HDR2020Most Dangerous Game
Night of the Animated Dead (2021)HDR2021Night of the Animated Dead
People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan (2021)HDR2021People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan
Schumacher (2021)HDR2021Schumacher
The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain (2020)HDR2020The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain
Everybody's Talking About Jamie (2021)HDR2021Everybody's Talking About Jamie
The Grand Duke of Corsica (2021)HDR2021The Grand Duke of Corsica
Cry Macho (2021)HDR2021Cry Macho
Candyman (2021)HDR2021Candyman
My Son (2021)HDR2021My Son
Nightbooks (2021)HDR2021Nightbooks
Comrades (1986)DVD1986Comrades
Australian Gangster (2021)HDR2021Australian Gangster
Moonbound (2022)HDR2022Moonbound
Best Sellers (2021)HDR2021Best Sellers
Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)HDR2021Prisoners of the Ghostland
Together (2021)HDR2021Together
Crossing Delancey (1988)DVD1988Crossing Delancey