Ancient Apocalypse (2022)

Ancient Apocalypse (2022)

What if everything we know about prehistory is wrong? Journalist Graham Hancock visits archaeological sites around the world investigating if a civilization far more advanced than we ever believed possible existed thousands of years ago.

Cast: Graham Hancock

08Season 1

Cataclysm and Rebirth

November 11, 2022

In America, Graham explores the shattered landscape of the Channel Scablands - and a new hypothesis which suggests what might have destroyed an Ancient Advanced Civilization.

07Season 1

A Fatal Winter

November 11, 2022

Graham explores the underground "cities" of ancient Turkey, which may have actually been "bunkers" designed to survive a potential threat from above.

06Season 1

America's Lost Civilization

November 11, 2022

Graham heads to America, to investigate its mysterious ancient mounds that show a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy. Does the ancient "Serpent Mound" in Ohio suggest a date for the Ancient Apocalypse - and what caused it?

05Season 1

Legacy of the Sages

November 11, 2022

Graham takes us to the site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, where civilization was mysteriously "rebooted" after the last Ice Age, and where the animals carved into the pillars may mark the date of an Ancient Apocalypse.

04Season 1

Ghosts of a Drowned World

November 11, 2022

Graham explores a mysterious underwater megalithic structure off the coast of the Bahamas, which, if man-made, must date back to the Ice Age. Could an ancient civilization have mapped the world's oceans thousands of years ago?

03Season 1

Sirius Rising

November 11, 2022

Graham heads to Malta, whose mysterious megalithic temples not only possibly date back to the end of the last Ice Age, but also demonstrate an advanced knowledge of astronomy.

02Season 1

Stranger in a Time of Chaos

November 11, 2022

Graham's quest takes him to Mexico's ancient pyramids, to explore the tradition of Quetzalcoatl, the "Civilizing Hero" who showed up after the Great Flood to teach humanity the ways of civilization.

01Season 1

Once There Was a Flood

November 11, 2022

In his quest to find traces of an advanced, lost civilization of the Ice Age, host Graham Hancock travels to Indonesia to investigate a megalithic pyramid that appears to date back to the last Ice Age, when the island of Java was part of a great landmass known as Sundaland.