Miss Scarlet and the Duke (2020)

Miss Scarlet and the Duke (2020)

Eliza Scarlet joins forces with a Scotland Yard Inspector to solve crime in 19th century London.

Cast: Kate Phillips, Stuart Martin, Cathy Belton, Danny Midwinter, Andrew Gower, Kevin Doyle, Matthew Malone, Ansu Kabia, Richard Evans, Nick Dunning, Simon Ludders, Amy McAllister, Helen Norton, Barry McKiernan, Sean Duggan

06Season 1

The Case of Henry Scarlet

May 5, 2020

Eliza pieces the puzzle together to find out what really happened to her father. Moses has lots of criminal connections, which make him a suspect during the investigation, but it could turn out to be someone who has been under Duke's nose.

05Season 1

Cell 99

April 28, 2020

The final entry in Henry Scarlet's casebook takes Eliza and Duke to a seemingly abandoned prison on the outskirts of London.

04Season 1

Memento Mori

April 21, 2020

Eliza is hired by a Death Photographer who is receiving bizarre and threatening messages from beyond the grave, and later makes a surprising discovery about her late father.

03Season 1

Deeds Not Words

April 14, 2020

Scotland Yard has its eye on potentially disruptive gangs and political groups. Eliza is hired by The Duke to go undercover and infiltrate one such group.

02Season 1

The Woman in Red

April 7, 2020

Eliza takes a seemingly impossible case: proving the innocence of a man found at a murder scene with a bloodied knife in his hand, who has already pleaded guilty.

01Season 1


March 31, 2020

When Eliza Scarlett's father dies suddenly, she's faced with a stark choice. Accept the fact she is now penniless or take on and run her dad's detective business, but can she succeed against all the odds in this male-dominated world?