Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000)

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000)

He's got it all: a loving wife, good friends, a successful career, a great home..what could possibly go wrong for Larry David? Seinfeld co-creator Larry David stars as himself in this hilarious, off-kilter comedy series that presents an unflinching, self-depreciating depiction of his life.

Cast: Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman

10Season 12

No Lessons Learned

April 7, 2024

Larry returns to Atlanta, where he gets involved in Richard's love life and reveals a secret about Cheryl.

09Season 12


March 31, 2024

A misunderstanding with Cheryl's masseuse threatens Larry's public image. The public's perception of Larry then sinks even lower when he gives the wrong person COVID.

08Season 12

The Colostomy Bag

March 24, 2024

Richard enlists Larry's help to buy a vintage car. Jeff secretly schemes to give Larry power of attorney.

07Season 12

The Dream Scheme

March 17, 2024

An acquaintance from the club asks too much of Larry. Jeff & Freddy both use Larry's tactics to get out of unwanted obligations.

06Season 12

The Gettysburg Address

March 10, 2024

Larry tries to make better use of the time he spends in the bathroom. Susie starts a new business, and her advertising brings surprising results. Later, Larry gives acting advice to an A-List actress.

05Season 12

Fish Stuck

March 3, 2024

After an incident at temple, Larry asks friends to vouch for his character while also trying to help name a baby and worrying about a fish.

04Season 12


February 25, 2024

Larry finds himself in Takahashi's crosshairs after a note is found in the men's locker room. Tensions mount when Larry and Irma's couple's counselor crosses a professional line.

03Season 12

Vertical Drop, Horizontal Tug

February 18, 2024

Larry's improved golf game causes trouble with an acclaimed actor. Freddy helps his neighbours through a delicate issue.

02Season 12

The Lawn Jockey

February 11, 2024

Still in Atlanta, Larry finds himself stuck at a rental home with a questionable lawn ornament. Meanwhile Jeff pays the price for taking Larry's advice for Susie's birthday gift.

01Season 12


February 4, 2024

Larry heads to Georgia to appear at the birthday party of a prominent businessman. Leon visits his Auntie Rae. Later, Larry has some trouble with his glasses and faces off with a surly hotel cleaner