Payback (2023)

Payback (2023)

Lexie Noble becomes entangled in a police operation to topple a notorious crime lord, Cal Morris.

Cast: Morven Christie, Peter Mullan, Prasanna Puwanarajah, Derek Riddell, Steven Mackintosh, Roman W. Sharkey, Jack Greenlees, Andi Osho, Grace Chilton, Eileen Duffy, Rori Hawthorn, Olivia Lucking, Steven Miller, Julie Graham, Rebecca Benson, Lindsey Campbell, Douglas Russell, Henry Pettigrew

06Season 1

Episode 6

November 8, 2023

An unexpected visit to the Isle of Eris turns Lexie's world upside down as she discovers truth about Jared's Death. She must make a decision when the police offers her to choose between Fight for freedom or bring Jared's Killer to justice.

05Season 1

Episode 5

November 1, 2023

A shocking revelation in Vilnius leads to a confrontation with the brutal reality of Cal's world. But when a lucky discovery opens up a possible escape, will Lexie dare risk it?

04Season 1

Episode 4

October 25, 2023

Abandoned by the police Lexie edges closer finding Cal's money. But her worst nightmare becomes a reality when he decides to teach her a lesson.

03Season 1

Episode 3

October 18, 2023

To spy Cal's business empire, Lexie plays dangerous game to keep her children safe until a secret from her past risk's her future security.

02Season 1

Episode 2

October 11, 2023

Lexie agrees to help crime boss Cal with a transaction. A shocking discovery puts her family in danger and she's forced further into his world.

01Season 1

Episode 1

October 4, 2023

Lexie Noble's stable family life is is jeopardised when her husband Jared is attacked.