Young Love (2023)

Young Love (2023)

An honest look into the world of an African American young family of millennial parents, as they juggle their careers, marriage, parenthood, social issues and multi-generational dynamics striving for a better life.

Cast: Kid Cudi, Issa Rae, Brooke Monroe Conaway, Loretta Devine, Harry Lennix, Dee Bradley Baker, Nisa Ward, Cherise Boothe, Dante Hoagland, Idriys Jones, Bahia Watson, Tamar Braxton, Lorena Jorge, Debra Wilson, Noah Cottrell, Larry Herron, Michael Scott, Sy Smith

12Season 1

Love Love

October 5, 2023

When Zuri acts out, Angela and Stephen finally begin to consider marriage. But creeping doubts cause the couple to question their impending nuptials.

11Season 1

Faith Love

October 5, 2023

After a trip to church, Zuri casts a heavenly spell on her classmates, while Angela and Stephen turn to financial advisor for help with their bills.

10Season 1

Generational Love

October 5, 2023

As Angela frets over her connection with an increasingly distant Zuri during a school field trip, Stephen attempts to turn Amir into a sneakerhead.

09Season 1

Protest Love

October 5, 2023

With her bosses out of town, Angela takes control of the salon, while Zuri finds her calling as a playground activist.

08Season 1

Chicago Love

September 28, 2023

While Stephen and Angela attempt to make the most of a rare free day, Amir drags Zuri on a rule-breaking adventure.

07Season 1

Game Love

September 28, 2023

While Stephen succumbs to the allure of video games, a skeptical Angela joins forces with Gigi to fight back against a shady pyramid scheme.

06Season 1

Lost Love

September 28, 2023

Facing an uncertain future, Stephen contemplates quitting music, while Angela struggles to find her true passion, and Zuri attempts a career as an oracle.

05Season 1

Jingle Love

September 28, 2023

After Lil Ankh disses his beats, Stephen begins to work for a questionable marketing firm, while Angela pretends to be rich to impress a new client.

04Season 1

Charity Love

September 21, 2023

When Zuri invites her friend's family to stay with them, Angela trades in kindness for clout. Later, Stephen attempts to bond with his nephew.

03Season 1

Work Love

September 21, 2023

While Angela's business booms, Lil Ankh takes Stephen for a ride, and Zuri finds herself roped into her grandparents' epic battle of the sexes.

02Season 1

Just Love

September 21, 2023

As Angela attempts to tackle her lofty list of goals, Stephen struggles to stay focused on an upcoming deadline.

01Season 1

Self Love

September 21, 2023

While a cancer-free Angela returns to work, Stephen attempts to impress rapper Lil Ankh, and a disappointed Zuri attends a school fundraiser alone.