Tracker (2024)

Tracker (2024)

Colter Shaw travels the country in his old-school RV to help police and private citizens solve crimes and locate missing persons until his latest case changes everything.

Cast: Fiona Rene, Robin Weigert, Abby McEnany, Eric Graise, Justin Hartley, Matthew Nelson-Mahood, Wendy Crewson, Aggie Bell, Nicole Anthony, Lee Tergesen, Donald Heng, Prestyn Bates, Alison Araya, Link Baker, Mattia Castrillo, Paniz Zade, Jeremy Jones, Ashley Roxburgh

03Season 1


February 25, 2024

As Colter helps a young woman locate her free-spirited sister, he digs deeper into how the sister's last days may lead to a dark secret she unearthed in this tight-knit town.

02Season 1


February 18, 2024

Colter tracks down a missing young man who has been pulled into a deadly cult and doesn't want to be found.

01Season 1

Klamath Falls

February 11, 2024

Colter's handlers send him to Klamath Falls, Oregon, to investigate the disappearance of 14-year-old Gil Brown who is suspected to have been taken by his birth dad with a criminal background.