Death and Other Details (2024)

Death and Other Details (2024)

Detective Rufus Cotesworth and his protégé, Imogene, dig for the truth on a Mediterranean ocean liner where everyone is hiding something.

Cast: Violett Beane, Lauren Patten, Angela Zhou, Hugo Diego Garcia, Pardis Saremi, Linda Emond, Karoline, Mandy Patinkin, Jere Burns, Jack Cutmore-Scott, Danny Johnson, Jayne Atkinson, Lisa Lu, Annie Q. Riegel, Sincere Wilbert, Rahul Kohli, Tamberla Perry, David Marshall Grant

04Season 1


January 30, 2024

As the manhunt for Jules intensifies, Imogene uncovers his criminal past - and finds a new witness.

03Season 1


January 23, 2024

Interpol seizes control of the investigation. Rufus and Imogene must now investigate the Colliers in secret.

02Season 1


January 16, 2024

Rufus interrogates each of the major players on board. They're all hiding something - even Imogene's best friend.

01Season 1


January 16, 2024

When a guest is murdered on a luxury ocean liner, Imogene Scott becomes the only suspect in an impossible crime. She didn't do it. So, who did?