Roswell, New Mexico (2019)

Roswell, New Mexico (2019)

A reimagning of Roswell, which centers on the residents of New Mexico, where aliens live undercover among humans.

Cast: Jeanine Mason, Heather Hemmens, William Greely, Rosa Arredondo, Stephanie Hill, Tyler Blackburn, Nathan Parsons, Tsailii Rogers, J. Nathan Simmons, Jessica Treska, Michael Trevino, Michael Vlamis

08Season 3

Free Your Mind

September 13, 2021

Liz needs Rosa's help. Maria learns what Jones wants from her. Michael and Alex team up to help save Max.

07Season 3

Goodnight Elizabeth

September 6, 2021

Liz's plan does not go as expected, putting herself, Isobel and Michael in danger. Eduardo confides in Alex.

06Season 3

Bittersweet Symphony

August 30, 2021

Max investigates the break-in. Alex continues his research. Rosa and Isobel team up. Liz makes a shocking discovery.

05Season 3

Killing Me Softly with His Song

August 23, 2021

Liz makes the choice to lie to Heath. Maria and Rosa stand up to Jordan. Isobel does some digging into Jones.

04Season 3

Walk on the Ocean

August 16, 2021

Isobel and Maria take a trip together to look for answers. Kyle receives a message from his past. Michael makes a disturbing discovery.

03Season 3

Black Hole Sun

August 9, 2021

Liz confronts Max. Maria is desperate to figure out the mystery of her vision. Isobel is learning more about her abilities. Kyle has a strange encounter. Michael is fueled by his anger.

02Season 3

Give Me One Reason

August 2, 2021

Jones fills Michael and Isobel in on bits from the past as they look for a way to save Max's life. Maria goes to extremes to try and stop a murder. To move forward in her research, Liz must face her past.

01Season 3


July 26, 2021

While Liz is settling in to her new life and career in Los Angeles, Max, Isobel and Michael are figuring out if the stranger in the cave, with the familiar face, is friend or foe.