Scavengers Reign (2023)

Scavengers Reign (2023)

It follows a crew of a damaged deep space freighter who are stranded on a beautiful but dangerous planet.

Cast: Sunita Mani, Wunmi Mosaku, Alia Shawkat, Bob Stephenson, Ted Travelstead, Dash Williams, Sepideh Moafi, Chris Diamantopoulos, Okieriete Onaodowan

12Season 1

The Reunion

November 9, 2023

While a blood-thirsty Hollow destroys what little is left of their ship, Azi and Ursula fight to save the remaining crew. As Kris prepares to escape, Barry faces a life-changing decision that could shape Vesta's future.

11Season 1

The Return

November 9, 2023

While Kris and Barry attempt to steal and leave with the shuttle clueless as to what awaits them, Ursula frees Azi from her binds after which they race to stop the thieves and discover what is left of the ruined Demeter.

10Season 1

The Decision

November 9, 2023

Driven by memories of her final days on deck, Azi confronts Kris in a fight for the lives of her abandoned crewmates. As they near the end of their journey, Sam presents Ursula with a devestating truth.

09Season 1

The Mountain

November 2, 2023

After reaching an insurmountable obstacle, Azi must learn to trust Kris and Barry. Meanwhile, rough waters test a newly reborn Sam.

08Season 1

The Nest

November 2, 2023

While Azi leads Kris, Terrence, and Barry towards her downed ship, Ursula struggles to keep up with an overzealous Sam.

07Season 1

The Cure

November 2, 2023

Facing mounting health issues, Ursula and Azi each find that they are not alone.

06Season 1

The Fall

October 26, 2023

As Sam grapples with his injuries, Ursula encounters an eerily familiar foe. After a set-back forces them to continue on foot, Azi and Levi confront a series of mounting obstacles - including a creature unlike anything they've seen before.

05Season 1

The Demeter

October 26, 2023

After an encounter with another survivor, Kamen considers the weight of his actions, while Azi experiences a change of heart.

04Season 1

The Dream

October 26, 2023

In pursuit of a missing Sam, Ursula must tap into her knowledge of the planet as she faces Vesta's wildlife alone. After failing to meet Hollow's increasing demands, Kamen becomes lost in a series of distressing memories.

03Season 1

The Wall

October 19, 2023

While Ursula bears witness to a transformation, Azi struggles with Levi's ever-changing personality as she tries to survive a deadly stampede.

02Season 1

The Storm

October 19, 2023

As a storm rages, Sam and Ursula set out to find the Demeter, while Azi and Levi seek shelter. Meanwhile, Hollow helps Kamen revisit old memories.

01Season 1

The Signal

October 19, 2023

When a deep space freighter is damaged by a solar flare its surviving crew are stranded on a beautiful and unforgiving planet. They begin to learn the true nature of this planet as they try to survive long enough to escape or be rescued.