The Mandalorian (2019)

The Mandalorian (2019)

The travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Kyle Pacek, Brendan Wayne, Bernard Bullen, Alexandra Manea, Luis Richard Gomez, Jamal Antar, Tait Fletcher, Tony Taboada

04Season 2

Chapter 12: The Siege

November 20, 2020

The Mandalorian rejoins old allies for a new mission.

03Season 2

Chapter 11: The Heiress

November 13, 2020

The Mandalorian braves high seas and meets unexpected allies.

02Season 2

Chapter 10: The Passenger

November 6, 2020

The Mandalorian must ferry a passenger with precious cargo on a risky journey.

01Season 2

Chapter 9: The Marshal

October 30, 2020

The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies and rallying allies as they make their way through a dangerous galaxy in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire.