The Kings (2021)

The Kings (2021)

A four-part series featuring four champions who ushered in a boxing renaissance. The series showcases the dominance of Roberto Duran, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard and their battles in and out of the ring.

Cast: Roberto Durán, Thomas Hearns, Al Bernstein, Bonnie Greer, Felicidad Durán, Jackie Kallen, Jerry Izenberg, Larry Merchant, Michael Ezra, Richard Steele, Steve Farhood, Stuart Kirschenbaum, Thomas Hauser, Tony Petronelli, Amy Leonard Goehner, Charles Farrell, Harold Bell, Jeffrey T. Sammons, John Perkins, Marcus Hunter, Richard O'Brien, Richard D. Wolff, Steve Marantz, Teddy Atlas, Tony Paige

04Season 1

Part Four: A Champion Never Quits

June 27, 2021

Ray Leonard comes out of retirement to fight Hagler. Hagler is disgusted with the judges' verdict and quits. Hearns devastates Leonard in their rematch. Leonard and Duran stage a final fight and the Kings' legacy is assured. Series Finale.

03Season 1

Part Three: The Will to Win

June 20, 2021

Leonard ascends the throne. A serious eye injury forces his retirement. Duran hits rock bottom but has a miraculous comeback. Leonard and Duran out of the way, the stage is set for one of the greatest fights of all time: Hagler vs Hearns.

02Season 1

Part Two: Flesh & Blood

June 13, 2021

Tommy Hearns is crowned champion. Ray Leonard fights Roberto Duran, leading to a notorious ending. A riot breaks out following Marvin Hagler's victory. The stars align for one of the greatest fights of all time: Leonard vs Hearns.

01Season 1

Part One: Ghetto to Gold to Glory

June 6, 2021

Ray Leonard's meteoric rise brings him success in and out of the ring while Marvin Hagler takes the hard road to the top. Tommy Hearns' knockouts makes him hard to ignore. But it's Roberto Duran whom Leonard targets to prove his mettle.