These directions are designed to make it easier for us to respond to your requests. Please take note, for the more time that is saved, not having to double-check requests, means more time to download what you want.

  1. Before requesting, check that what you want has been released. Also, please use the search function BEFORE requesting, in case it's on file already.
  2. If a video is not working, or loading, please mention that in your request.
  3. Extra information makes it easier. Sometimes, with what's requested, there are several movies, or series, with the same name. Please add extra information. Release date/wether it's a movie, or series. If a series with several versions(U.S, U.K, Aus, etc), which one ? Sometimes, with series, streaming provider helps too - Netflix etc.
  4. Make your request understandable. Help us help you by avoiding confusion with what you request. Do a spell check + use punctuation, as best you can, before you post your request. Some people misspell the movie/series name which makes it impossible to search on the net.
  5. If you don't wish to be ignored, don't use ALL CAPITALS.
  6. If you don't want to be banned from the forum, don't spam. Don't be rude, or disrespectful, either.
  7. Please do not ask for generalised requests - such as "more Korean dramas", "more anime", etc. If you wish to request a show, be more specific. Research what, specifically, it is that you want, then request it.
  8. Movies just released at the cinema, usually, take months before a good copy is available. Goojara will upload these when they are available. So be patient. And don't spam your request.
  9. And lastly- Goojara has a life beyond Goojara. "He" is not a robot glued to the screen. Sometimes, because of a backlog, requests can take days/weeks to post. Some requests are easier to source than others. Follow up/check on your request in case Goojara replies. So, once again, be patient, and please show some respect.