Goojara CH: Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

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Goojara CH: Search function has been restored.. It was an index file update failure, sorry.

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Goojara CH: All servers operational, no streaming problem detected..

Now we ready for filling requests. For old requests that were archived, feel free to re-request it.

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Goojara CH: Earlier today, some of our streaming servers overloaded and crashed. We still resolving the issue. You may encounter streaming problem (long buffering or video not load at all).

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Goojara CH: We are upgrading this forum. Old posts has been archived.

You can make a request but you may encounter some errors.

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Clark: Should we re-request previous requests?

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S.O.P: Standard Operating Procedure. Goojara has them archived, meaning - he will be referring to them over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for what you've requested, in case it's posted. If not, after a week or so, maybe you can repost. Wait + see...

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Goojara...: When you say errors, are you referring to loading times ? Some of the movies i'm checking either take longer than usual to load, or, 10 min's down, can't make their mind up.

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Goojara CH: No, that is a separate problem. Earlier today, 4 of our streaming servers crashed due to overload (to many traffic).. I still resolving the issue. Right now we are running 2/3 of streaming capacity, which is not enough (long buffering or video not loading).

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