Mickey: Please, if possible.

I am trying to find an American movie called "The Gnome-Mobile" (1967).

It stars Walter Brennan and is a Walt Disney production.

Thank You.

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Moderator: You should try requesting again. I think Gooj overlooked/missed this one. Given how much you help/assist, from what i've observed, he tends to either fulfill your requests or, at the very least, Inform you if it's not available.

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Mickey: Goojara CH,

Someone recently asked for the movie "Chisum" (1970) starring John Wayne.

I have that if you want it.

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Goojara CH: I got it.. Thanks Mickey.

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Mickey: Not a problem. I will try to help when I am able.

It is amazing how much traffic (visitors) your site has nowadays.

Thanks for all the movies and television shows you bring to us.

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Moderator: Invalid request.. Ignored.

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