Tigger: Hope you can find these. 1) Circle of Two (1980) 2) Zorn (1994)

3) Alouette je te Plumerai (1988) 4) Danmark (2017)

5) Vinnie & Bobby (1992 Fox Sitcom--Only seven episodes

6) Tell Me You Love Me (2007 HBO Series) Thank you.

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Tigger: Tell Me You Love Me is working now. There was a grey button with a line thru it...had to click on direct link to make it go. The 3 I checked worked just fine.

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Moderator: the 3 what? links?

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Tigger: The first episode I clicked on to see if they played was #10. A grey button appeared with a line thru it and wouldn't play. I noticed the "direct link" and that worked.

I check two more episodes to see if they worked. Seemed to be just fine. I just checked #10 and it worked. Is there some serious significance to that grey button with the line thru it? It didn't appear this time. Thanks.

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Moderator: Means broken link. Don't know why you 'got that'. Unless Goojara fixed it + forgot to indicate/post on browse page. Happened a few times recently. Fatigue, no doubt. If that's the case, chances are your other requests won't be realised. With multiple requests, Goojara does them all in one hit. Those that aren't posted are not available. Try, to confirm, re-requesting in 2 weeks minimum (avoid rule #7). If, after several attempts, no reply, chances are...

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Tigger: Okay, if I don't see any positive replies I'll request those again next month some time. None of my wish list are "new", so if some can be found that would be fabulous.

Thanks for the info & your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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