Allison Benton: Do you have any of these movies?

Samantha An American Girl Holiday (2004)

Dawn Anna (2005)

Touching Wild Horses (2002)

Pollyanna (2003)

Claire (2007) TV movie with Valerie Bertinelli

Saving Sarah Cain (2007)

This is My Life (1992)

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Moderator: All, exept dawn anna + Claire (?)- "no copy available, sorry".

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Ally: Whenever you have time could you try to add the ones you do have?

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Moderator: Sorry, previous reply may have been confusing. Message was for Goojara + was "saying" that all of them, exept for Dawn Anna + Claire (which are not on file), are unobtainable/unavailable.

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Allison Benton: Thank for adding great movies and TV shows

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