MoviesBruised (2021)
Bruised (2021)

Bruised (2021)

0min | Drama, Sport | November 2021 | IMDb : -

A disgraced MMA fighter finds redemption in the cage and the courage to face her demons when the son she had given up as an infant unexpectedly reenters her life.

Director: Halle Berry

Cast: Stephen McKinley Henderson, Halle Berry, Shamier Anderson, Lela Loren, Adan Canto, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Adriane Lenox, Denny Dillon, Marcella Lentz-Pope, Sheila Atim, Brittany Styles, Raw Leiba, Will Blagrove, Valentina Shevchenko, Shawna Hamic, Danny Boyd Jr., Karle Gwen, Mark Rhynard



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