MoviesSalma's Big Wish (2019)
Salma's Big Wish (2019)

Salma's Big Wish (2019)

0min | Animation, Family, Fantasy | November 2019 | IMDb : -

In the Mexican town of Santa Clara, Salma, a 16 year-old orphan who never got to meet her biological parents, has spent most of her life searching for clues of their identities and whereabouts, that is until she discovers a special book that is filled with stories of the town's past and the history of it's people.

Director: Carlos GutiƩrrez Medrano

Cast: Camila Amezcua, Rocco Amezcua, Connor Andrade, Dino Andrade, Memo Aponte, Dani Artaud, Susana Ballesteros, Fernanda Castillo, Luis Dubuc, Alan Estrada, Joe Hernandez, Jewels Jaselle, Cristina Milizia, Diego Osorio, Alena Prat

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