MoviesThe Date Whisperer (2023)
The Date Whisperer (2023)

The Date Whisperer (2023)

0min | Romance | April 2023 | IMDb : -

Date Whispering is the new trend in dating, and of all the date whisperers in LA, Sam is the best. But when the value of her service is called into question by her dad's life coach, Mattie, she'll learn the real worth of true love.

Director: John Murlowski

Cast: Jenna Michno, John Ryan McLaughlin, Skye Coyne, Anne Patterson, James Hyde, Rib Hillis, Nate Crnkovich, Andi Wagner, Nancy Harding, Sascha Knopf, Shaun Boylan, Michael Scovotti, Brandon Delsid, Eric Crain



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