MoviesWe Are Not Alone (2022)
We Are Not Alone (2022)

We Are Not Alone (2022)

0min | Comedy, Sci-Fi | January 2022 | IMDb : -

SF comedy set after Earth has been invaded by a race of aliens, the Gu'un. A hapless human called Stewart is appointed the Gu'un's official liaison, is saddled with an alien housemate and must deliver their message to the masses.

Director: Fergal Costello

Cast: Declan Baxter, Georgia May Foote, Bruce Mackinnon, Evelyn Mok, Vicki Pepperdine, Laurence Rickard, Joe Thomas, Ben Willbond, Mike Wozniak, Amanda Abbington, Roya Amini, Dane Baptiste, Christine Barton-Brown, Paul Coldrick, Glen Davies, Rob Delaney, Trev Fleming, Miles Jupp

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