MoviesHouse of the Rising Sun (2011)
House of the Rising Sun (2011)

House of the Rising Sun (2011)

0min | Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller | May 2011 | IMDb : 4.3

Ray, an ex-con, is starting a new life looking to stay out of trouble. One evening, on Ray's watch, the nightclub he works for is robbed and the owner's son is shot dead. As his criminal past is exposed Ray hunts for the person responsible for this crime in an effort to clear his own name. Ray must get to the bottom of this as both the mob and cops start to close in on him as their target suspect.

Director: Brian A. Miller

Cast: Dave Bautista, Amy Smart, Dominic Purcell, Craig Fairbrass, Danny Trejo, Brian Vander Ark, Tim Fields, Franz Klain, John G. Carbone, Debra Harrison-Lowe, Roy Oraschin, Will Stiles, Imani Lee, Lyle Kanouse, Tony Goh



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