MoviesSex, Lies and Murder (2021)
Sex, Lies and Murder (2021)

Sex, Lies and Murder (2021)

91min | Drama, Thriller | October 2021 | IMDb : -

Maggie and her husband Richard are both college professors and have a daughter, 17-year-old Jenny. Their marriage is falling apart, and when Richard admits to having an affair with a student at the college they both work at.

Director: Tom Shell

Cast: Bryce Barfield, Emily Bertels, Chris Dry, Heather Lynn Harris, Lindsay Hartley, Emily Hileman, Hannah Hunt, Evie Janzen, Todd Jenkins, Katie Kelly, Alyssa Luna, Fredrick McEvoy, Colleen Elizabeth Miller, Vicki O'Brien, Raequan Pennington, Drew Pollock, Reynada Robinson, Andrew Rogers



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