MoviesRogue Cell: Shadow Warrior (2021)
Rogue Cell: Shadow Warrior (2021)

Rogue Cell: Shadow Warrior (2021)

0min | Action, Thriller | March 2021 | IMDb : -

A ride-share driver's violent past proves useful when his passenger witnesses a murder and needs a quick escape from a group of highly skilled mercenaries. The driver's life spins out of control as he finds himself thrust into the world of international espionage without any specialized training or warning.

Director: Bryan G. Thompson

Cast: Bryan G. Thompson, Elizabeth Elise Gonzalez, Cinderella Graham, Diajesma Orozco, Alba Medina, Ronald Gamble, Aldo Acosta, Al Matamoros, Jerry Walker, Jeff Ararat, James Brown, Humberto Castro, Steven Sandoval, Ivan Orozco, Shari Du Mond

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