MoviesChasing Ghosts (2014)
Chasing Ghosts (2014)

Chasing Ghosts (2014)

93min | Comedy, Drama, Family | March 2014 | IMDb : -

Lucas Simons, an 11 year-old filmmaker, is obsessed with death after the loss of his brother. When Lucas accidentally captures a mysterious presence in one of his films, he inadvertently becomes a YouTube phenomenon, and must learn to live life in the spotlight while also learning how to once again start living life to its fullest.

Director: Joshua Shreve

Cast: Robyn Lively, Frances Conroy, W. Earl Brown, Tim Meadows, Meyrick Murphy, Toby Nichols, John Newberg, Brandon Hirsch, Rebecca Lines, Tommy Cresswell, Claudia Church, Susannah Devereux, Glenn Cartwright, Vishesh Chachra, Michael Stacy

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