MoviesEndangered Species (2021)
Endangered Species (2021)

Endangered Species (2021)

0min | Action, Thriller | May 2021 | IMDb : -

Jack Halsey takes his wife, their adult kids, and a friend for a dream vacation in Kenya. But as they venture off alone into a wilderness park, their safari van is flipped over by an angry rhino, leaving them injured and desperate. Then, as two of them go in search of rescue, a bloody, vicious encounter with a leopard and a clan of hyenas incites a desperate fight for survival.

Director: M.J. Bassett

Cast: Rebecca Romijn, Philip Winchester, Isabel Bassett, Michael Johnston, Chris Fisher, Jerry O'Connell, Brenda Ngeso, George Glenn Ouma, Aseem Sharma, Pritul Raithatha, Stephen Adogo, Danica Davis, Kirk Fonda, Isaac Naiganya, Matthew Owiti



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