MoviesPlanet Hulk (2010)
Planet Hulk (2010)

Planet Hulk (2010)

81min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi | February 2010 | IMDb : -

Will he save their world or destroy it? When the Hulk becomes too dangerous for the Earth, the Illuminati trick Hulk into a shuttle and launch him into space to a planet where the Hulk can live in peace. Unfortunately, Hulk land on the planet Sakaar where he is sold into slavery and trained as a gladiator.

Director: Sam Liu

Cast: Rick D. Wasserman, Lisa Ann Beley, Mark Hildreth, Liam O\'Brien, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sam Vincent, Advah Soudack, Michael Kopsa, Paul Dobson, Marc Worden, Lee Tockar, Russell Roberts, Donald Adams, Doug Abrahams, David Kaye



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