MoviesRed Faction: Origins (2011)
Red Faction: Origins (2011)

Red Faction: Origins (2011)

0min | Sci-Fi | June 2011 | IMDb : 5.1

On a Mars colony in the year 2145, an officer in a rebel militia discovers that his sister, who was abducted a dozen years before, is still alive and has been raised as a soldier whose goal is to bring about the destruction of her brother's faction.

Director: Michael Nankin

Cast: Brian J. Smith, Danielle Nicolet, Kate Vernon, Tamzin Merchant, Devon Graye, Gordon Kennedy, Gareth David-Lloyd, Tamer Hassan, Ariyon Bakare, Peter Bankole, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Robert Patrick, Sarah Brown, Samuel Davies, Isabella Blake-Thomas

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