MoviesCult Killer (2024)
Cult Killer (2024)

Cult Killer (2024)

0min | Adventure, Crime, Drama | January 2024 | IMDb : -

When a renowned private investigator is murdered, his protege takes on the case. As her investigation unfolds, she is forced into a dangerous alliance with his killer to uncover the town's grisly secrets and bring justice to its victims.

Director: Jon Keeyes

Cast: Shelley Hennig, Alice Eve, Antonio Banderas, Olwen Fouéré, Nick Dunning, Kim DeLonghi, Paul Reid, Matthew Tompkins, Kwaku Fortune, Sophie Amber, Patrick Buchanan, John Wollman, Ciaran McGlynn, Chris Mohan, Aoife Kelly, Kevin Barry, Daniel Carlin, Finbarr Stanton



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